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Oct 29, 2008
Billings Montana
Been looking for a sled for quite awhile (2 years).
I have been riding a Nytro MTX from my dads dealership and would like my own personal sled.
I have been thinking a turbo Phazer but can't afford to build one up, so heres the question.
Would a Phazer with the right aftermarket options (track, suspension, exhaust, fuel controller, intake, etc.) be a good backcountry sled?
I do alot of tree riding and open meadows. Don't ride much trail.
I would like to hear from people that have ridden/ridden with a N/A Phazer.

If you are just considering the 2 sleds (Nytro & Phazer), but leaning towards the phazer, here is the low down.

Both of them suck for power in their stock condition. So respectively considering power, they both are "starter sleds," except the Nytro can see huge improvements with boost, which transitions its worth pretty fast.

The phazer is fun and you can improve its worth with some aftermarket stuff. But it still has very little power---even under boost. YOU WILL GROW OUT OF IT QUICK!

To be honest, your 17 years old and I don't know how long you have been riding that Nytro, but to go back to a little phazer is pointless. As an aspiring adult, you should be able to handle even the bigger turbo sleds easily by now. So keep riding the dealerships Nytro and save your money for your own.

You can pick up a stock 2010 Nytro SE 162 for about 8 grand now--possibly cheaper. Then take that sled and gut it. Get rid of the exhaust bull**** and put a gutted yz450 take off silencer on there (buy it off of ebay--whatever), lose the 14 pounder battery, and call it good for awhile. You can do all of that for little $.

Bottom line for a Phazer:
Sled = $3000-4000, plus aftermarket stuff can run it up another $3000-4000, if you buy it all new (i.e. seat, F & R suspension with good shocks, exhaust, programmer, track, etc.). Almost 8 grand for a little toy, meant for newbies and those younger than you.

And no it is not a good backcountry sled if the powder conditions are moderate-----got no power.

good luck
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Nov 1, 1998
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My 9 year old son had been riding a phazer this past season.

When it comes time too BUY a sled for him, it will be a 600 Pro rmk.
It's 110 pounds lighter and a solid 45 horsepower more.


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Nov 26, 2007
Lenexa, Kansas

Before assuming the phazer is under powered even at boost step back and compair the 150 out of a phazer to that of say a M1000. Who ever bought one of those as a starter sled? At sea level they are rated at 170ish hp thats approximately 119 at 10000 feet.

Another interesting bit. The power to weight ratios between a boosted phazer and nytro. Claimed dry weights are 515 and 553lb.(two minute google search) The phazer at 150 is within 0.6lb/hp of a 200 hp nytro. Yes a nytro is likey capable of much more but there is not a large percentage of the riding population that can use that kind of power.
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