My daughter's first mountain sled trip.


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Dec 2, 2007
Kootenays, BC
Waiting to pick up my daughters new EVO and selling her 200. She got to try a few EVOs last year and it helps riding with the local dealer and their kids as they were alotted only one this year and we got the opportunity to snowcheck it. She was sad a few years ago when we sold her 120 but quickly loved the 200 but this time she isn't sad to see the 200 go when she knows what she is getting. It was a great beginner sled. We had it to the top of some pretty high mountains in some pretty deep snow. Always in a group and the 200s rode near the back so the trail was always broken in. Always a fun time with the kids. Just turned 9 and can't wait to get the new sled. Now we just need the snow.
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