Moving to Colorado


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Jan 28, 2011
Thunder Mountain Lodge
Grand Mesa

I think joining your local club and getting in on at least a full level 1 Avalanche class (usually 3 days) should be the first thing you do, well besides getting a mountain sled. I ride all Ski Doo and like them the best, but whatever. If you are interested in getting to know the Grand Mesa join the Delta Snow Kruzers Snowmobile club. They host "backcountry" rides every wednesday. I will also be teaching a free clinic for them whenever the snow gets good, the only catch is you need to be a member of their $40. Stay tuned to Thunder Mountain Lodge on facebook and instagram for events and special pricing. We also rent a variety of Ski Doo sleds including the 850 if you want to try one. In fact I worked as a product specialist and demo tour manager for many years so if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer those. I own and operate Thunder Mountain Lodge, thanks.


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Mar 11, 2018
Any thoughts on a 500 mile '17 155 with 36" A-Arms for $8700 vs. a 1000 mile '16 163 for $6500? It doesn't seem like there's too much difference on a '16 vs. a '17? It seems like the 163s are preferred but a lot of people, too?

Just make sure it still has warranty. Those are one season motors in my experience, not nearly as reliable as when trail ridden. For 18 the crank seals were updated, probably why so many fail in the mountains. I am a short (mtn) track guy. I rode 155 Polaris' for years and ride a 153x3 Cat. I prefer the maneuverability of the shorter tracks. Even on the sick powder days we get I prefer the shorter track. I don't like the Doo's even though most of my riding buddies love theirs, of course they are always following too...


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Jun 23, 2004
Black Diamond, WA
Doo is 1/2 hour west in Rifle. Kyle's shop is small but with good loyalty. AC can be found in Eagle. Gary runs a small family shop that has been around for a while.

Buddy in Rifle rides Dooo and he speaks highly of Kyle.
Gary and family at Boyz Toyz are probably the most honest, no nonsense people I've met. Not the talk your ear off just to talk, or even to sell you something kinda people, until you get to know them.
Boyz Toyz will also rent sleds and trailers for local trips. Not advertised and the sled depends on what he has for used sleds when you show up.
He also sells machines (or used to) for cheap. Basically no profit. His motto was the profit is in the parts and repairs.

Eric at Alpine in Kremmling, honestly is a pompous ____, but is also one of the most knowledgable sled guys around. Period.
If you want someone to mod your sled and KNOW it will RUN hard and well, Eric Woog is your guy.


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Jun 6, 2018
Glenwood Springs, CO
Hey Guys, sorry for no updates. Yes, I am out here and ended up picking up a '16 Axys with 1300 miles that looks decent. Can't wait to start riding and am ready to go any weekend (other than thanksgiving) if anyone is starting to ride yet? Taking my avalanche course in mid-December which will be great to get done. Hoping to find a safe and easy spot to ride soon just to get the sled out and make sure it all operates okay.

Lake Powell

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Dec 27, 2016
Silt, Colorado
Just remember no riding until the 23rd in white river forest which is four mile area and the flattops. Rifle snowmobile club is having a bbq on the 24th up at the cat shed on Buford at the trail head. Give me a call 970-379-7217. If there is enough snow to ride the roads I'm there on the 23rd riding.


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All of this information is super helpful, thanks! I've talked to a few dealers and I might be able to find an 850 RMK for the season even thought I couldn't get Polaris to change up my order at this point. I'm for sure planning to take the avy courses and get all of the gear, including the airbag. I'm sure I'll post on here more as winter approaches as I would really appreciate and buy some beers for anyone that is willing to allow me to tag along and start to learn the ropes. Thanks!

Yeah - go with the beer!

It was decided one day that I was stuck more than anyone else while riding Crested Butte. Then it was decided by the group that I needed to buy the others steak supper in Gunison. That cost enough to burn the joint down that night!

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