Mountain Cat 600 Needle Replacement


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Feb 3, 2009
Hot Springs, SD
I am working on a 2001 AC Mountain Cat 600 carbureted. I am trying to find a leaner needle for the flat slide carbs on this sled. My mid range is still too fat even with the clip to the top. I am jetted on the main jet leaner than chart by 3 sizes. My color is good to lean full throttle but rich during average riding. The current needle is a 9DFH4-60. I am trying to find a chart that lists lean to rich comparisons with other jet numbers. I do have needles off from a 800 Mountain Cat 9DFH2-59. That needle is a hair longer but I cannot tell if it is thicker or if it is leaner than the 600 needle and by how much.


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Nov 26, 2007
The old carbed zr's had a needle for 9000 and above (9DH2-3) but I'd be surprised if it was still available.
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