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Motorfist Stomper boot..verdict?

Nov 18, 2014
Ok, it's now 2019. I've been running the Klim Adrenaline BOA for that last few years and because I ride Polaris, the bottoms of them are now completely shredded. I'm very soured on the concept of buying a whole new boot just because the bottoms are gone. So I'm now very interested in the Motorfist Stomper BOA so that I can replace the sole in a couple years instead of replacing the boot in a couple years.

Is everybody still having good experience with these boots?

Who has replaced the sole? What does the process look like?

I’ve only ran the Stompers one season (last year), on a snowbike. They’ve held up great, the soles still look brand new, which is surprising since my bike is a kick start, and I previously shredded two CHEAP boots due to that. I can’t comment on life span, or replacing soles, but I highly recommend them so far for the ankle support, warmth/dry, comfort, and durability!


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Dec 9, 2007
Thanks for the feedback. I'm still thinking I'll try out a pair. I would just love to hear from some folks who have had them re-soled and still love them.
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