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Motor Fist Big Mountain jacket/bibs


Jan 5, 2008
Just got my Motor Fist gear today. I got the Big Moutain Jacket and bibs. I have had HMK and Klim in the past, and out of the package I would say the Motorfist gear is a higher quality, I really like zippers,I think the tabs will hold up better than my HMK gear. The fabric seems more durable than my Klim Freeride. On the bibs I really like the how the back side of the bottom of the legs are raised so you don't step on them and they don't get chewed up by the running boards (this happened to my Klim Freerides)
The jacket has a ton of room and pockets, and the inside is pretty soft but the outside is durable, should be a good set-up through the trees. I am super impressed so far!

I will be out riding Saturday and will give a first "ride report"

Also for full disclosure I am Motor Fist ambassador, but the HMK and Klim gear that I refer too, I also got free through sponsorship as well.
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