models with NO OEM pull start mechanism

Nov 16, 2016
This thread is of no real importance.... but I thought that I'd ask a question regarding a '13 800R E-tech 154 X that was absent a pull start.

I looked at a '13 800R E-tech the other day. It was fitted with electric start, but did not offer a manual pull start.
The right side panel did not even offer the area for the pull start handle.

Question: what was the reasoning behind this?

Rick E.


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This thread is of no real importance.... but I thought that I'd ask a question regarding a '13 800R E-tech 154 X that was absent a pull start.

Question: what was the reasoning ?
Rick E.
Minimal weight savings, and of course $$$ saved by not installing pull start port, every lb. matters, apparently.
Jan 12, 2010
Reason!!! BRP IS BEING CHEAP....
Any sled I get that has e start I install a pull start. Think i want to carry jumper cables or a battery pac around for just in case. Even my snowbike has both.

turboless terry

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Jan 15, 2008
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They could be pull started with a rope but it seems like you would have to leave the clutch cover off for the day. Don't see that going well with engine running.
Dec 26, 2010
hey guys i have ran into this same issue with my 13 summit etec with estart only. last year before riding in -25C it wouldnt start and pull start would have been great to have. Did you buy a "kit" from skidoo or just source each part or buy aftermarket? happy riding, snow is falling in BC Canada now!


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Feb 3, 2009
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A dealer can install a recoil on your sled for around $275. Or buy the parts and install yourself for less. Not too hard of a project but worth it for a backup starting method. I know from experience.
I have a 16 Summit xm with only Estart (no pull Rope) every newer sled comes with an extra rope and clip to wrap your primary clutch to pull start it.
IF your first rope fails you can use this method.
I Also ride with a powerful small lithium jump pac...It can and has been use to charge phones, Gps, Go pros, and drones, Its even jumped big trucks in the parking lot from the dash of my sled.
In 3 years I have not needed for my sled. I do recommend getting one.
I do love my e start and would get the shot start on my next sled.
Will see as the stock battery ages...always garage kept...probable sell when the 900 summit comes out!
Feb 7, 2009
Wabush, Labrador
I had a 2011 and 2012 800 etec that didn't come with pull chords. So I put it on them as they didn't like starting in super cold weather.. It didn't help at all. When they didn't want to start on electric start, you had to pull them inside and warm them up. I doubt many of you will have this issue, but I ride in -30C fairly frequently. My new 850 has shot start, but if it only had electric start, I wouldn't bother installing a pull chord.
I bought the recoil assembly from a recycled sled. Install took less than an hour. Nice to have as a backup vs using the rope on the clutch. If you’re not to handy with tools, this may be a job for the professional. You will need to remove the side panel, the top hood assembly and muffler. Pipe can stay if you want. Be careful when you remove the top hood assembly as there is a line to the altitude compensator. Also need to unplug the wire harness under the instrument cluster.

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Dec 13, 2007
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I bought 2015 600 XRS. Baddest consumer trail ripper other than a race sled.
And a 137 2016 Freeride.
BOTH could not be bought WITHOUT e-start. And no pull in case of estart failure.
I converted the XRS, was a pain and spendy, even after selling the estart stuff.
Didn't bother with the Freeride.
In a few years every new sled will be non pullstart, just like e-reverse is now, where it was a novelty in the early 2000's.
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