Midwest Mountain Riders Group ..new page for us flatlanders settin' trips up out west


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Jul 31, 2010
Posting this with Dunatic's permission .. posted on general page also ..

Finally got around to creating a page on facebook that I've had rollin' around in my head for a long time. . ..a page for us midwest flatlanders to connect up with other riders when someone drops out of your trip, or ya have a seat open up and ya need to fill it. .. ..a place to advertise yer dates, where your going, and what letting eveyone know what kinda riders ya want going with you- you know . .drinkin' or not, hills and climbing or trees and meadows, avvy trained, what gear they have, riding experience, etc.. ..the kind of stuff your going to want to know about someone you don't know and your life could depend on- . .. .. I've done this the past 3 years or so with guys from here off of Snowest and had some pretty good trips and met some pretty kool guys .. but I think there's a lot more riders out there using FB nowadays that may find riders there faster and easier. . . . so . . if ya agree then go ahead and send a request to join and if ya already have a trip planned and have a seat open then post that info up and pray for snow like Buffalo got! . . .thanks guys n gals..


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