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Nov 1, 2008
Southwestern Idaho
This is an update on the Parking Issue at the Gordon Titus Lot in McCall Idaho.

As those who use this parking lot know, there is a HUGE issue with getting people to park in a orderly fashion to allow as many as possible to be able to use this lot. There has been an effort to get approval to enlarge the lot to accommodate more vehicles, but it looks like that will not happen, at least not in the foreseeable future.

The only other choice we have is to educate everyone on the best use of the space we have to work with. Several have been involved with Forest Service over the last few months to establish some “Rules & Regulations” that will be on a sign all will see when entering the lot. We believe if everyone will use this as an example of how to park, it will help us all have a great experience when parking here.


The issues we have struggled with are as follows –
* Not parking at the best angle to allow longer rigs to get in and out easily.
* Leaving far too much room between the sides of vehicles / Trailers.
* Leaving too much distance between the front and rear of truck/trailers.
* Sled decks in the center area of the lot.
* Pulling sleds out of trailers for warm up, and blocking the ability of others to pull in close to the side of other rigs.

The solutions we feel will help are as follows, and most of these “rules and regulations” will be on the Forest Service sign at the entrance.
* Leave NO MORE THAN 6 feet between the sides, front, and rear of vehicles / trailers.
* Pull sleds alongside your trailer and in single file when warming them up.
* Put up ramps and close trailer doors to allow incoming rigs to pull in close to those already parked.
* Sled decks, and trucks without trailers ONLY park along the east side of the lot – at an angle.
* Put ramps up on sled decks immediately upon unloading, to allow others to drive in the designated area.
* No overnight parking.
* Truck / Trailer combined length no more than 54 feet.

Please don’t forget to put on your stickers. The Forest Service DOES patrol this lot, and you will not be able to ride without the appropriate sticker on your sled.
AND . . don’t forget the 20 MPH speed zone until the Goose Creek Overlook. I am told that this area will be patrolled this year.

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Nov 26, 2007
Elko, NV.
It's good to see someone put some effort into a pictorial "Awesome", now we'll just have to wait and see if anyone will follow the directions. My guess is some knothead, or two, or three, will jack it up everyday. In the area I frequent and park I pray most everyday that there will be enough space left at the snowline to turn my rig around (simple, simple, simple thing for most anyone with just one brain cell to figure out), my prayers only work about 50% of the time.
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