Maine@Franklin County Trail Conditions

Jan 4, 2008
I was watching channel 5 news, weatherman says we have gotten over 50" of snow in December and I can't argue with that-For once they got the weather right-lol-This is the best I've seen the trails in Dec. since the winter of 87-88, for a while there we had sledable snow but there was still spots of open water and mud now that the 1st of the year has rolled around we have had a good cold snap and some more snow and trails are super! The groomers have been at work hard - THANK YOU - I rode from Farmington through Avon on up to Rangeley cut across to Jackman down to Skowhegan,Industry back into Farmington and I couldn't of asked for a better ride. So stop riding the couch and get out on the trail conditions are the best they been in over a decade.-- Trippples Rule
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