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Jul 5, 2001
Twin Rivers
I subscribe to all the rags still out there, even if I don't read them, I like supporting the industry.
Now we've all been able to find fluff articles and articles ripped directly from the PR teams from the respective OEM's and Aftermarket suppliers. However a lot of the time we can find a few good articles within the pages that, in my opinion, make the subscription worth it and more.

Go look at the front page of this namesake publication and click on the articles. Every single damn one is a Press Release that sounds like it's directly from the OEM's themselves. I understand that it happens, I can come up with a dozen reasons why something corporate gets published, but com'on guys.....if all you're going to do is copy n paste(or write your article like a PR) at least give credit where it's due and preface the entire thing as a PAID ADVERTISEMENT.
I want to know the actual opinions of the editors and test riders on why the Alpha is #1, not corporate jumble that a Salesman should rehearse.

If print media is not aware, this is why Youtube videos are so popular, I'm sure they are more than aware, but pandering to the OEM's isn't how to make money anymore. It's real content, right at the time you experience it.

I dunno, beating a dead horse.....just a bit disappointing is all.
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