M6000 Review/Reliability?


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Dec 14, 2010
Been looking at a few M6000s and one has recently caught my eye. 14’ with 400 miles, 154”, CPC adjustments weights, CPC belt tensioner, thunder go rings, 16’ powder skis (spindle was not updated to the 16’+), Evol chambers on shocks, and a few other things. Working to get him near $4500

I believe the 600 cc engine and 154” track would work well for me (160lbs) but I’m curious how how reliable/durable the M6000s have been? This owner said it was wife’s and she did not like to ride much (reason behind the low miles)
Mar 11, 2010
In 2017 I bought 2 M6000's (2016's) that were previously rentals when my daughter was going to school in Laramie. We've used them each of the last 3 winter's and have had no problems at all with them. I'm guessing I've put roughly 1,000 miles on them since I've owned them. I did purchase a 2019 ZR 6000 for riding back in Wis. In March the exhaust started on fire. From the sounds of it I had the same problem the 800's had which had been recalled. My dealer is still working on it.


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Oct 15, 2014
My 16 M6000 was bullet proof for 800+ miles before I got rid of it. The 14s have the CTEC and I wouldn't hesitate. Sometimes it's nice to get off my turbo and ride something with a little less juice. You will notice less power and people will tell you just to get an 800 but if you could get it for close to $4000 I think you will happy.