LYNX from Finland!


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Apr 22, 2010
Been following those machines for a few years now , They started the tunnel craze for sleds that is :) , the skid is a different animal all together . A mountain skid that does more than float and takes a beating , how could that be bad ?

turboless terry

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Jan 15, 2008
Big Timber, MT
They ride really good. Always thought doo rode the best and this one rides better. Easier to tip up for whatever reason. The one i rode had skis centered. I always had them narrowed up. Really curious about trying a 34 inch stance and z broz spindles. Don't know if that flap makes them trench any. It almost looks like the snow was missing the tunnel and just throwing it straight up. My buddy said it was almost as bad as riding behind my alpha. I'm a handling over power guy. Power is easy to remedy but handling is not. Doo turbo is flat out awesome but i would pick the lynx. Turbo just feels like a boat anchor to me. That is why i sold mine. Years ago the doo was always heavier but rode lighter. Never knew if it was the tmotion or flex edge track or the combo of the two. Definitely not a downfall without tmotion on the lynx.
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