LTS, Jones Valley, Webber Peak


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May 7, 2003
Sparks, NV
Drove in on the 07 Road and unloaded 1 mile before the Perrazzo turnoff. Took off up the Perrazzo road, but turned around about a 1/2 mile past the bridge and headed back to the lower road and rode towards Webber Lake, then jumped up to the 07 Road. Headed back towards Jones Valley turnoff and headed in. About 10" of fresh snow. Worked our way up to the Westside ridge above Jones Valley and played around in that area. Snow coverage was good. Took the Jones Valley road back out and climbed up to Webber Peak. Ridgetop was firm with pockets of snow drifts. On our way back out, stopped by and BS'ed with Steve(Trackman). Not a bad day of riding. Now if we can get another 1-2 ft., things will be looking much better.

Took some pics.
#1 - Jones Valley
#2 - Ridgetop above JV
#3 - Looking towards the Mt. Lola ridgeline from Webber Peak
#4 - Webber Peak ridgetop looking down at Northend of Webber Lake
#5 - Looking down at Webber Lake/Lacey Valley
#6 - Looking Southwest from Webber Peak ridgetop


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Jul 3, 2001
Nevada City Calif
Glad you got out Z. Snow didn't look all that bad. We rode our side Sunday and it was icy and the wind was bad. Very short ride
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