Looking to meet snow machine or snowbike riders in NorCal or NorNevada?

Jan 3, 2018
Lake Tahoe
Title sounds like a dating site opener! :eyebrows:

Whats a guy has to do when he has no friends that ride snow! I live in foothills off hwy50 just below Tahoe. Just picked up a 2017 Pro RMK Axys 155 and looking for people to ride with. Come from a 35yr moto riding background. Plus longer background in skiing. Know motocycles and skiing on a high level, and reading mountain terrain. New to motorized snow riding and dont want to be in the back country by myself.

I come prepared, avi pack, beacon, shovel, probe and geared properlery. My rides are always meticulous maintained and preped by myself. Sled only has 62 miles on it. Basically brand new.

I am within an hour to most high sierra's riding locations. Got new snow on the near horizon in the high elevations. Super pumped to get on on this thing.

Feel free to reach out to me if you dont mind me tagging along with you and or your group. Either snowbikes or snow machines.

Also, VERY interested in using machines to get into the backcountry and ski some good BC lines. Like minded people would be awesome.

Call or text
Thanks Dave
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