Looking for a trip west. ..anyone with a seat open?


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Jul 31, 2010
Getting that time of year to start lining stuff up for a trip and my local guys aren't too excited it seems so looking around for anyone heading west before years end? .. ideally headin' to Cooke or Mesa would be what I'm looking for but would consider anything. I live over here in eastern Iowa..Belle Plaine. .just outside of Cedar Rapids. ..been going west for the past 6 years and go to ride not party. The past 3 years I've gone with guys from here on snowest and it's worked out pretty well and I got to know some good people and want to do it again. ..got back in to sledding about 8 years ago and first time I went west it was all over ..Ha . . . . .been to Cooke, Snowies, Black Hills, Mesa, and Bueny.... I like all of it but Cooke really fits me..riding an 11 Pro and consider myself a pretty average rider and do it safe as I can .. .want a group that thinks safety as well. .. anyone setting something up and needs a seat filled let me know .. cell is 4zero2 8five0 3oneone3 ...thanks.



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Dec 21, 2011

same boat here , locals don't seem to excited this year, went to Albany last year and all the way to afton , riding stretched 159 900 switchback , waterloo area , have beacon and ride pretty safe myself , not a big partier anymore either , hit me up if you guys know of anyone looking I am free whenever
Nov 26, 2007
I think I am heading west over Martin Luther king day weekend, leaving on 18th and coming back Sunday. Live in dsm, ride an m8, and safety is on my list, have beacon, bag, and know how to use them. Pm me if interested. 35 years old.
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