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Looking for a new trailer


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Nov 21, 2017
I'm looking for a new enclosed trailer and would like to hear what you like or dont like. My last enclosed Mirage trailer was ok but I would like to explore other brands. The new Mirage trailers seem to have gone down in quality. Super thin materials, poor quality control. Please let me know what you have and why you like it.


Dec 1, 2012
Yakima wa
I have a 24ft charmac stealth tri-sport. Have had it just under a year. So far, Not perfect but i dont think anything we buy will be. I used it to bring my sister car and all her belongings from north Dakota home to Washington state.
1.One of the best towing trailer ive owned.
2.Carrys a good bit of tounge weight so may be good or bad if you dont have bags
3. 7ft tall inside super nice no ducking or hitting head
4. Led bar loading lights on outside are super nice
Overall i love it
Now bad things i noticed
1. Use self tapping screws to hold inside aluminum trim Couple have snapped and had to drill out and put in new screws. Feel they got over torqued
2. Some light surface rust where paint was thin
3. With the weight of my drag truck(3900 lbs) inside my front ramp door flexs enough to one side where it is harder to open then normal. There are bars underneath to adjust that but have not played with it to see if it works
4. Do not kick snow off on metal infront of door, it will dent. Little brother didn't know so have some little dents there. Will be adding a piece of dimond plate in future
5. Strictly my fault for not getting the dimond plate on tops of ramp door so there are small gravel dents along the edge.



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Nov 27, 2008
Eastern Idaho
It depends a little on how many sleds you are pulling and what else you are hauling. I have a 7x25 look. It’s great for 3, and I have had 4 in it a bunch. I like the low deck height. It pulls easy. If I was going to haul 4 a lot I would get it 4 foot longer on the box. I actually prefer the drymax floor to the plastic flooring. At this point I need to occasionally haul 5 so my next one will be a 8x24 box with a 5 foot v nose. I would advise to buy the highest quality you can afford. I wish mine was a aluminum frame. I am sick of the rust.


Oct 13, 2016
Lots of good info above. I had a Trails West RPM Burandt Edition for 2 years and I traded it last year for a new Logan Horsepower ZBROZ edition. While the TW trailer was fine, the fit and finish certainly wasn't anything to write home about. They also cut the frame cross members to route the underfloor heating and that creates a weak spot, which I know people have had issues with. Mine was still ok though when I traded it. I did not love the spare tire compartment in the trailer as it would freeze shut all the time from snow melt from the sleds. The door frames would also constantly freeze so I had to spray them down at least every other ride. The paint on it sucks, plain and simple, and that drove me nuts the most. I had the black trailer and it looks like I sandblasted it after 1 season. It was really frustrating as TW wouldn't do anything about it. Tried to blame my truck until I showed them my 5th wheel toy hauler that has way more miles and not a single paint chip, also in black. Overall it wasn't a terrible trailer, but I much prefer the Logan. Had a couple of very minor issues with it, but have been corrected quickly. That said it was a fair amount more expensive than the TW, so I expect it to be nicer.


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Jan 26, 2010
South Jordan, UT
2nd the Charmac, you pay more but you get way more. I have a 8.5x24' (18 box 6 foot v nose) Trisport Elite (all aluminum) Mine came with a 40K BTU heater and 2 very nice aluminum cabinets inside. I bought mine in Feb of 2019. I paid just under $24k out the door. My last trailer was a look 7x21. I owned it 3 years and it was already rusting like crazy.


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Dec 27, 2008
I have a 29 foot Legend and its been really good.

Pulls nice and overall quality I'm happy with. Honestly I don't really have any complaints......thus far.

I did however add extra shelving, extra hooks, a tiled floor much like Race Deck flooring, fuel can holders, broom holders, and ski guides. It came with one cabinet and the interior was completely finished.