looking at a new sled


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Mar 2, 2009
Personal preference. You should try to toss a leg over both before you buy one. I just retired a 2000 Mtn Max last season. Dad rides a 2007 M6 153, mom rides a 2007 Polaris 600 144, both bone stock. Coming from a dirtbike style riding, the Polaris was easier for me to toss around in the trees and on the hillside. When I went to upgrade, I demoed a M8000, M1000, Pro 800 and liked the power of the M8000, but I felt more comfortable on the Pro. A buddy rented a M8000 and I rode it, still liked the feel of the Pro between my legs and under my hands. So I bought the Pro. If you go 800 dragon, make sure you have Wiseco Pistons or the Mtn Tek fix kit on it. If 700 dragon, that sled is bullet proof and fun! Both sleds trench (dragon/cat), so also if you go dragon, I would spend the extra 450-500 bucks to put a pro rear skid to eliminate the trenching, not sure what you can do with the cats. Dragons are easy to toss to the side, but they don't seem to hold that edge as easy.
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