Long track z120 build


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Jul 6, 2001
Twin Rivers
Ended up well. Stage one mods anyways. I did the longtrack and tackling the engine now.
Night and day difference in where the 120 can go and how much more traction it has.

-Rec Motors Aggressor Kit
-Rec Motors Race Shock Kit
-Upgraded clutch and gearing
-ZR200 track, rails, driveshaft/drivers, tunnel extension. Powdercoated with billet wheels
-C&A Pro Skis
-Proclimb windshield
-Modified steering 3” forward
-South Simcoe Machine Billet pull handle

208 goes in this summer. And upgrading front shocks. I also have a Fox Float for the rear but I might keep this race shock kit as long as the shock holds up. So far so good.
Also thinking about getting a tooth larger driver made. I’ll have to relocate the driveshaft location but since we are only dealing with lengthening the chain and building a guard it shouldn’t be that big of an issue. With the relocation of the rear skid( I dropped it a few inches and moved it back the same) it ratchets regardless of how tight I make the track. So larger drivers might let me have more teeth contacting the track at the same time. I also just thought of installing simple guide drivers on each end to keep the track from flexing which might help as well.

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