Lock for clamshell on old Triton enclosed trailer

My sled is kept in a buddy's old Triton clamshell enclosed trailer in the yard of his summer home. I have a length of log chain and heavy duty Master outdoor padlock securing the trailer to a telephone pole but I'm unsure of what lock will fit the place where the pin goes to secure the top after closing it. It currently has one of those pins with the spring clip to keep it in place. I don't know if a standard padlock will fit in the hole or be long enough, or if that type lock is a poor choice altogether. It's in a very low-crime area but I'd like to have some security measure in place.

What do you folks use to lock down the clamshell?

Thanks for any suggestions,
Thanks. I was imagining that the holes where the pins fit on the trailer were maybe a bit too small for the shackle of a padlock to fit through. I ordered a twin-pack of long shackle Master padlocks. If the hole is too small for their 9/32" shackles, I'll drill them out.

If the trailer was in my yard, I would just go out and measure things. Unfortunately, I can't at the moment.
Darn... I ordered a three-pack of Master brand long-shackle normal-size padlocks and took a ride over to my buddy's camp to put two of them on the Triton trailer's clamshell. They don't fit... the shackle isn't wide enough. :(


I'll have to look for a way to secure my sled inside... maybe lock down the ski clamps somehow.
The locks that I used were Brinks brand. Inside closed measured 2 1/2"s, and they were long enough on my trailer.
All 4 locks were keyed the same. I was told that if I just used 2 they were to be put on opposite sides.
Hope this helps you out.
Thanks for the info. The Triton trailer I'm using has permanent hinges on the front of the top cover and a place for pins to hold down the rear. I found a model of Master padlock (101) with a wider and longer shackle than normal that should fit. I'll measure it to be sure before ordering this time!
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