Little quicky about wisdom teeth and extraction

I had one extraction today and it went exceptionally well. For the first time I used the "gas" as the dentist office and all I can say is WHOA! However, once the novacaine wore off... the pain is frikken intense!!!! almost teary intense, even with the hydrocodone i was given, in fact the hydrocodone (vicodin) didnt do anything whatsoever. So I did a little research and I came up with a helpful little solution.

since its not the best idea to take acetametophen like tylenol or excedrin with hydrocodone, i found that ibuprofen is safe. and when combining 750mg of hydrocodone along with an 800mg ibuprofen... poof! pain gone and no drowsiness or anything. However its a good idea to drink alot of water as the drugs themselves are hard on the liver. i also found that a little bit of clove oil on the spot itself can nearly kill all the pain however this is mostly done when dealing with dry socket and i pray to god that I dont end up with that.

So for a bit of future information for those that will be getting wisdom teeth removed, adding a little bit of ibuprofen with your hydrocodone can do a lot for a wisdom tooth extraction, without getting all the effects of taking more of the hydrocodone. But also remember, before mixing any pain relievers you should ALWAYS consult your doctor first...and drink lots of water.
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