light weight battery

Sep 8, 2015
so i bought a 2015 summit 163 etec with E start and the battery the guy had in this thing weighs 13.5 pounds...thats a little much, any cheap lightweights? what is the minimum CCA i can get away with for starting a warm 800 etec. I say warm because I dont care if it cant start it cold, it also has pull start.


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Nov 1, 2008
Southwestern Idaho
You might check with your dealer on this . . . but i believe they would have access to a WPS lithium battery. It is about 2-3 pounds. . . at least that is what the one i use in my axys 850 weighs. The one downside (if it actually is a downside) is that the battery does not start the sled if temps are below 10 degrees in the morning. So for the first start of the day, you need to pull start it. Then the rest of the day it works perfect every time.

The earth X batteries are great, and will start the sled at low temps, but they are at least 2x the cost of the WPS lithium battery.
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