LED Issues with DESS Key

Having an issue with the DESS key on my 2017 summit. I installed LED headlights (they're rad) last winter and had no issues. Recently installed the OEM 12v glovebox plug(Has a blue LED ring around it), and that plus the LED headlights combined are causing EMI interference with the DESS key. I can run one or the other with no problems, however once both are powered the DESS says CHECK KEY until I wiggle the handlebars OR the LEDs warm up. I've pinned it down to EMI interference from both.

I'm planning to line the outside of the glovebox with foil tape to try and trap the 12v frequency and if that doesnt work I'll try to tape the exterior of the headlight housing also.

Anyone come across this problem before?


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Feb 25, 2008
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I went through this exact same stuff on my 17 and 18 adding LED bulbs, 12v glove box, and turbo box. Let your dealer know about this. Skidoo makes an electrical farrat that installs around the main harness to prevent electrical interference. It is possible they will warranty it and they should have them in stock if they are a decent dealer. I notice that all the newer sleds already come with it. It is kind of like a square magnet looking thing and it just clips around your harness right by your ecm. I think the part number is 41513224.
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