Laurel Highlands snowmobile club grass drags - Sept 19th

Just a reminder to all to come up for the 1st race of the season at the Laurel Highlands Snowmobile club grass drags. They've improved the track with a time slip printer and a additional 60ft time sensor. Should be good weather for the 1st race and maybe by the last one in November we'll have snow ! If so I'll be there with the 900 ! Have to run it one time at least for a race. And I have a 3 year old grand daughter this year to run on the Kitty Kat I picked up this spring ! Should be a fun race season for all !
Also, if you can't make it we're going to broadcast live on the internet this year ! Don't know of anyone else who's doing that !!

Steve the announcer - dates and rules for racing
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