Lassen Forest (Northern California)OSV Plan...

Nov 21, 2015
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Here are a few quotes from SACs site on the Lassen OSV matter.

"...It became apparent that the Forest Service's decision is virtually identical to the non-motorized "Snowlands Lassen Proposal".* The FS are imposing a snow depth restriction of 12" for cross country (off trail) snowmobile travel, and designated 63,870 acres exclusively for non-motorized use.* These areas include historical high use snowmobiling areas."

"...The Lassen OSV Plan is the first to be done in the United States, so it will likely be used as a model for the rest of the National Forests in California and the nation.* So what happens on the Lassen is extremely important."

There is plenty of aspects not to like about this 'option' but a 12" minimum is arbitrary and will certainly curtail accessability to good high country riding and studies show skiers disturb wildlife more than sleds...and on and on...
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