KTM Question - Gauge Shut Off

Jan 16, 2020
Quick question - going to getting an ARO kit for my 20 ktm 500 exc. When the bike idles and the wheel doesnt move the gauge goes off... I knew his but forgot when you go snowbike the magnet in the front wont be there thus the gauge will shut off.

I dont think it really matters...? I plan to install a TTO hour gauge so i can keep track of the hours put on by snowbiking for maintenance purposes - BUT is there any danger or issues running without the gauge on?

I do have the GET ecu for troubleshooting any engine codes should they appear.

Thanks for the feedback in advance!


It seemed like a good idea at the time
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Oct 24, 2016
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What teal_210 said. You need a screw in pickup so you can either steel one of the KTM or order one from Trail Tech with an extension for and hook it into the ARO. If you want the speedo to work you gotta look in the manual and do a little math to get the right tire size


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Oct 18, 2013
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No issues running without it...less hours if you resell the bike afterwards. Like others have said I added an aftermarket hour gauge to help track maintenance
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