Knock Revlimit displayed

Jan 5, 2020
Hey Guys, I have a problem with my Snowmobile. like one month ago, my motor got rebuilt by the dealer ect. Yesterday I go for a little ride and when I rev my sled at like 7900-8000 RPM my engine is bogging and on my cluster its said Knock Revlimit. Ive spoke with the dealer about this problem and they said they dont know where its coming from. I know some of you are really good with mechanic ect. can someone help me figure it out ? pls
May 24, 2012
Piston is hitting the head. Use 40/60 leaded solder 0.063" thick to check the squish. Turn over the engine using the clutch with just enough force to confirm it is hitting the head. Remember to remove the DESS key and hit the Kill switch.
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