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KLIM Stealth gear


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Nov 27, 2007
PG B.C. Newfie
Has anyone tried this stuff on? How is it for fit and movement? I know it is new for this year but there is nowhere around me to try it on....dealers wont have it months !!

I am thinking the Valdez Parka and Togwotee Bids if I cant find the stealth.


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I have stealth gear in stock. I've already sold some of it and had lots of people try it on. Most people remark on how light it is and how easy it is to move around in. Sleeves are plenty long. The bibs are a relatively slim cut, not as baggy as other Klim gear, but no need since it has some stretch to it.

Stealth Bib

Stealth Jacket

You can pm me or call if you have questions. I can help you get sized up.
Jeremy - 801-224-5073


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Nov 26, 2007
Grand Junction, Colorado
Got my first ride in with my Stealth Jacket the other day. Great fit, the stretch makes it so comfortable and it's a very light jacket but its bomber at the same time. Best jacket I've owned. Cant wait for the bibs. Thanks to Jeremy and Greg at www.rockymountainsnowmobile.com for the great service.
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