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KLIM Releases Two New Avalanche Airbag Backpacks

Dec 26, 2019
Alpine, Wy
Spent a few days riding with my new Klim Aspect 16. It’s pretty comfortable, looks good, and is unobtrusive.
Gripe: a bit of a hassle to zip the chest plate and I wish the waist strap was more like the Atlas.

Did an test inflation and walked around the shop for several minutes, certainly did not see any reduction in bag pressure at all. So being the spaz I am I pulled the handle again and the motor ran more and topped off. I bet it could do that a few times.

Followed the procedure to deflate, repack and then used the USB to recharge and hit the trail. First one I’ve ever used so nothing to compare to.

I will say that when it came time to fish out my shovel to unstuck the hassle of re-attaching the bag was on my mind. Enough that I think I’ll put a 2nd shovel on the sled so I don’t have to.


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Feb 2, 2010
Bozeman, MT
A second shovel for the tunnel works great and is highly recommended. No need to remove your safety gear to retrieve a second shovel for digging out sled; just grab it off the tunnel.

I don't have any experience with this new version of the klim packs, but since they are supercapacitor tech, i don't believe they have the automatic deflate.

The Atlas and Aspect use AlpRide E1 airbag system (supercapacitor).
The previous Klim avypack was a Pieps jetforce lithium battery system and the battery ones do auto deflate after 3 minutes.

Klim having released two different avy pack technologies (first was lithium battery and now the supercapacitor tech) seems to be confusing the issue as some folks may be referencing a different product when mentioning features.
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Feb 16, 2008
yakima, wa.
I read the new Klim manual, it states that it will maintain pressure for at least 3 min as required by regulation. It also states that it will deflate afterwards. I believe they didn't correct their new manual and left a statement from The previous lithium powered pack.
I have watched to many videos about the alpride E1 system to know that they do not deflate on their own.

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Dec 13, 2015
I just bought an Aspect and I can’t seem to get the Pieps shovel to fit. Blade seems too wide. I maybe just need to look it over a bit more thoroughly ?‍♂️ What shovel combo seems to work best with the Aspect for those familiar with them? Thanks
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