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Klim Atlas Avi Pack Thoughts...

Dec 20, 2020
So I am really happy with my Ortovox Avi Pack. I will say I wish that I didn’t have to refill canisters after accidental discharges, but it is a sure fire system that you know is going to work if your tank is full.

One other thing I don’t like about this pack is the trigger handle is way high on my shoulder and sticks straight out basically at the elevation of my shoulder. I like the fact that the Klim pack and many others have the charging handle more on your chest for easier grabbing. I know I can lengthen the handle but it doesn’t change the actual location of it.

Another thing about the Klim pack, being backcountry hunter and understanding that batteries and cold don’t mix. What are everybody’s thoughts on having a battery that is susceptible to failure in the cold being in charge of your life-saving device? Is it being close to your back, keeping the temperatures up, similar to our avi beacons?

I’d like to know everybody’s thoughts as I do entertain the fact that I’d probably like to get the Klim Atlas pack at some point for my primary and use then ortovox for my wife/friends or backup.

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Feb 1, 2010
Jumped into avi packs over decade ago with ABS because I thought they were most bullet proof. Then they doubled up the piercing disk on their bottles - so much for bullet proof - but they did ID and take care of everyone - that was years ago. Just sold my last ABS, running BCA now, mainly because they are easily serviceable, and fit. Always hesitant with batteries vs. mechanical, but after proving it for a year or two, I'd be less reluctant. That said, there is a Klim failure to deploy somewhere around here - consumers can break anvils. Fit and function - flying, refilling, etc., would guide my choice as opposed to tech first now.


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Oct 27, 2008
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I’ve used a Klim pack on a few trips. For me personally I didn’t like the fit of it. It kept sliding down my back regardless how tight it was. You have to remember to charge the pack and turn it off at night. I now have a BCA float MTNPro and have no issues with the bag. It is very comfortable and stays place.
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