Killing Belts

Nov 9, 2008
At the start of the season I smoked a ski-doo belt after 50 miles (had less than 700 miles on belt, not blown) Put on a cheapo belt from advanced auto and now its shredded (not blown, but ripping apart on one side.) 1000 miles ago I tried to mitigate the problem by "floating the secondary" which means I put in a piece of aluminum that basically extends the jack shaft, allowing the secondary clutch to have some axial play. I guess this didn't work, so I need a better solution. THANKS!


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Buy a new "127" Doo belt?

In 15 years @ 2 sleds most of the time, the only 127 that I have ever shredded was when towing out a dead sled too fast.

They last nigh forever if you have your motor aligned and your bump stop is in place.


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Nov 26, 2007
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I would start by verifying both clutches are in perfect condition as far as bushings, rollers etc...
That there is no binding or excessive resistance in the drivetrain between the secondary and the track. Bad bearing, chain too tight, track too tight?
Make sure you are seeing proper RPM at full throttle. Too much or too little RPM will raise belt temps.
Look for any way water or snow might be getting in. Just a little water or snow on the clutch can cost you a belt.
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