Kawasaki 440 in a Mini Hydro??!!!

Sep 26, 2015
hello snowdawgs...!!!

im not really into snow mobiles, but my recent toy i purchased came with a water cooled Kawasaki 440 twin plug 2 cylinder...

im hoping to get some insight on this engine, best place to get parts, and so fourth.

i purchased this thing for 600 bucks.
the engine does run, but the engine kill circuit is not hooked up.
the fuel tank is sub par, and the oil injection system needs to be modified for my needs...

i will be getting this thing running in the next few days and next week adding a lill hairdryer to it gated at 13 psi, so im thinking new headgaskets are in order....

heres a few pics,
thanks in advance for any helpfull information!

the engine is out of an 80's Kawasaki invader 440



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