Kapka (Bachelor), Nov 27 - First Ride of the year


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Apr 16, 2014
Sisters, OR
Popped up to Kapka around noon. I was surprised to find the lot was plowed with good coverage. Moon Country did a bunch of clearing this year so we decided to give trail 5 a shot and see if we could get to Dutchman. We cut fresh trail all the way to Dutchman in 15-20" of light, dry powder. Of course, the light stuff made us very worried about sharks beneath the snow so we took it pretty slow. There were 5 or so downed trees with only a couple making us find a way around. We made it all the way to Dutchman and continued up the road to the Todd lake rd before turning around. Definitely more "love taps" on the way down in our old tracks. If you go out be careful!


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Jan 7, 2015
Bend, OR
Thanks for the report and photos, looks like you guys had a great day! Hopefully we see some more snow over the next week...
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