Kapka (Bachelor) - Dec 13


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Apr 16, 2014
Sisters, OR
Launched out of Kapka around 1 pm today. We knew snow was decent up high around Moon, thanks to a friend's report, so we headed down 5 toward Dutchman. The trail was pretty whooped up and it was breaking in the ole whooped trail legs for the season. Once we hit Dutchman we shot up the road to Todd Lake and worked toward Moon. Todd Lake road had some smooth parts but it was mostly whooped up too. Once we got closer to Moon we hopped off-trail in a couple of locations and got some good turns in. We found pretty good snow and coverage up top but the fog moved in by that point and it was pretty hard to see the terrain. The good news is we saw some sweet sweet corduroy on the way down. Groomers are starting to come out and bust down the whoop-fest. If they continue to groom, which I imagine they would, trail 5 to Dutchman should be pretty good tomorrow.

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Jan 7, 2015
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Glad to hear somebody is riding! I didn't make it up there on Saturday but heard of a couple people who did and found the groomer had been out between Wanoga and Kapka. It was my understanding Trail 5 got beat up and was whooped out above the highway underpass. It was said that once you got past Dutchman parking lot the trail improved and you were able to ride to Elk Lake.
High Desert Ripper posted a photo of a broken spindle from someplace up on top. There was talk of hoping to recover the wounded sled today... Be aware of the snow snakes hiding just out of sight looking to bite you. I have learned the tree stumps and lava rocks around here typically don't give too much upon impact.
Hopefully the snow picks up Mt. Bachelor's webcam doesn't look like they received much overnight.


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