Kanedog investigation-Alpha broken parts pics


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Oct 14, 2008
The Kanedog Bureau of Investigation(KBI) is requesting pics for 2018, 2019, 2020 Arctic Cat Alpha broken parts. Cracks, bolts backing out, clutch damage etc.

Include year, mileage and how the dealer handled the sitcheeashun.

Possible skull duggery in play.

Post’em up here or Pm me if you are shy. Name not required.
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Aug 28, 2001
2019-I don't know a single mud flap on an alpha that made it more than 2 miles. Throttle override at 100, 200, 300 etc, etc, etc finally gave up and just left it unplugged. Other than that I was happy and had about 750 hard mountain miles.

2018 Mountain Cat-Lost the PTO piston and in turn the cylinder at about 580 miles. Will have to see if I still have pics. Very obvious to me there was an oil issue. Cat said it was a just a random failure with no know cause and mine was the "first failure they had seen" but they did also replace the oil pump "just as a precautionary measure" I also had a faulty ski on mine that decided to go under a tree instead of over it causing immediate ejection and ripping the ski and a arms off. My brother said that it was rider error but I'm sure it was the ski's fault for not seeing the tree for me. Pretty impressed it didn't hurt the bulk head at all because I was moving at the moment of ejection.
Dec 19, 2010
bozeman mt
this is where the front shock mounts onto the rail. Glue separated from the rail. Took it to the dealer and they replaced it under warranty. Track went super loose when it happened and ruined my hyfax. Couldn’t talk them into replacing those. 300-400 miles on a 19 alpha. Other than that nothing so far.



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Feb 26, 2008
West Koots
2018 MC, first season of use at 2800 km, crank bearing failure from snow/water ingestion resulting in rod punching numerous holes/cracks in block as evidenced in pic. Turns out I had a 2” hole underside of intake tract from pipe movement when exhaust springs broke which I’d have to figure contributed to issue.

Dealer replaced full engine under warranty within 4 hrs of drop off. I requested a demo sled while mine was in for repairs, not realizing how quick a turn around for me they’d have but still wanting to experience an Alpha. So I took a 19 Alpha as demo and on day 2 of use did the exact same thing, crank bearing failure, believed to be snow/water ingestion. 1400 km on that sled.

To add to the disbelief for any readers out there, it happened roughly 300m away in the same zone where my 18 went.... true story.

On a positive note our tracks from the previous tow were still there to get out easy haha.



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Dec 17, 2007
British Columbia
2019 Alpha- Throttle override issues after a couple rides so I unplugged it. Oil light always on first couple rides from moister in the connector, dried and sealed no issues since. 1030km crank bearing failure totalled the engine. Full engine replaced under warranty. Turn around time was 6months due to back ordered parts from Cat. Dealer had 2 2018's in the shop waiting on full engine replacements. Once guys start getting more miles on their 2018 and 2019 I believe we are going to see more failures, hens the upgrades for 2020. You really need to take the time and try and seal your hood if you ride in drier deep snow.


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Nov 26, 2007
frank mountain bc
2018 Mountain Cat 2400 kms no problems.Traded in on 19 Alpha cracked rail [hit stump] warrantied same day 1900 kms. Both sleds same belt from new. Alpha did run crappy after update. Even towed out a sled no tunnel damage.


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Nov 15, 2010
Cranbrook Bc
I bought a demo alpha this past spring and put about 300km on it, it had I believe 1400km on it when I bought it. That said this fall for what I had found so far was a broken y pipe exhaust spring. The left panel support below the secondary was broken. My sliders were worn past the wear "line" just in front of the bogey wheels, when I removed the slider holding screws they were bent, So I'll be replacing them. Slider wear into the track due to, being clipped every second window. Rail looks fine so far.
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