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Kamik Men's Helsinki -100 Degrees Winter Boots

Oct 4, 2010
Mad Town,WI
Kamik Men's Helsinki -100 Degrees Winter Boots
Bought them on sale for $100 at my local Farm and Fleet.
I normally wear a 11 1/2 size. The 12's were too small. I had to go to 13. A good fit in the shoe, but the they felt little loose around the leg. They have 2 straps for your leg. I do only weigh 180lbs. I couldn't get the straps completely tight. Looks like they are made for your jeans to go inside. Decided to get them anyways.
Glad I did. With my Castle X pants, they have a nice tight fit around the boot. I was in 10 Degree F weather for 12 hours. They kept me warm all day in the snow. They claim to have a sweat wicking material. I agree! My feet and socks were warm and NOT sweat soaked after a full day of riding.

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