Just checking in after several years

Update, contract ended three months early due to lack of work. We are now back in Kansas and I am with my sleds. :face-icon-small-hap
I actually had to winterize our boats, yuk!

If and when I get the sleds together, we are 10 hours out from the Snowies. yeah!

I have lots of work to due and some parts to make to get them ready though.
The ZRT being the worst as the crank has to be repined and a complete on it.

The wife's 700 should be just a battery and cobwebs, but she said she does not want to sled anymore.

Oh, those Maxxis trailer tires are the ****. 1500 mile pull and no wear on them yet!
Mar 9, 2019
Helps when the family owns a Boat business.

The Campion has a Procharger Merc Racing 502. Does about 105mph wound out.

GoldenBoy(The 44ft Green jet) has a Volvo Turbo Penta Diesel w/ a 10" Hamilton Jet. All aluminum riverboat with wooden accents.

Then the Dot Calm Marina(private residence) is where we park the toys(not all are docked there at the moment)

Funny thing is the race boat, I've had a re-occurring dream for years that my demise will be in a hydro. And now I have one....it's got me scared honestly.

The Rick Bitz pickle is fun, be better with a transom lift. We are actually thinking of turboing a v-6 Merc and trying it on that boat. Even after we gutted it and made it significantly lighter than it was, she still only does 85mph. Which is a huge step from the 75mph previously(if you know boats, you know how hard it is to gain MPH)

Christopher....nice boats! Beautiful actually.
105 in That campion. Powerboat guys are as bad as dodge guys. That thing better have a little more than 502 and a procharger to get even close to that.
Mar 9, 2019
I am glad I stirred up some of the older members around here. Now I don't get my snow, but that does not mean that I don't have some toys. :face-icon-small-coo

I present my Baja 38 Special.

Need to do Snow Poker runs!!! With lots of snow bunnies running around!!!

This is a beautiful boat spent my childhood on Baja’s great boats! We had a 25’ outlaw then a 29’ outlaw sst.


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Oct 14, 2008
Suspicious arson on his own shop. Owing people money. Stuff like that I believe.
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