Johnson skihorse


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Dec 13, 2007
Idaho Falls Id
I have a old Johnson skihorse if somone wants it you can have it I will post some pictures . It is in ok shape the guy I got it from said the guy he bought his house from said when he parked it last in his shop he rode it in there about 10 yrs ago . I was going to restore it but I know I won't . So if anyone can use it you can have it .


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Dec 11, 2007
My uncle had one of those Johnson Ski Horses in Crystal Minnesota. We were little kids but rode that thing in his back yard in circles for hours on end. The thing never broke down (probably did, but little kids don't remember that part) I think it must have had about 20 hp. Had more fun on that stupid thing than any other sled I have ever been on. Geez, its tough getting old!!
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