Jetting adjustments for ported cylinders?

Lt Rascal

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Feb 4, 2004
Nibley, Utah
I just picked up another 2000 700 Mt max. It has some trail porting and pipes on it. The guy claimed it ran great 2 yrs before. (not so sure anymore) But he did not ride it last year. It ran like crappy when i test rode it. I offered him less hoping it was just the carbs from sitting for 2 years. But it is still running like crap. I bogs really bad and floods out.

With multiple sleds I have ALOT of spare parts and have swapped CDI, Stator, Coils, Plugs, Cleaned the carbs 3 times, I have even dropped the main jets a couple steps.

I have 3 other Mt max 700's. All i with pipes. 1 has similar trail porting, but also has over sized carbs. (So i really can not use it for reference)

I am riding at 6000 to 10000 ft.

So here is my question from a stock motor with pipes to this motor with porting and pipes.
When I got it. It had 142.5 mains. I have dropped it to 137.5 but I am not noticing any difference. (My others with stock motors are running at 132.5 or 135 mains.)
Should I keep going down?
If so around about how much?
Up or down from the stock motors?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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