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Jan 13, 2012
Central Washington
My wife and I were exploring up on Clemen Mountain yesterday and we ran across this old jeep station wagon. It is on the north side of the ridge near the top of the Mill canyon road. I was very surprised to see it and told my wife that I know the history of that thing. I'm sure it is the same rig because of the orange color (paint is in surprisingly good shape), and it is a fairly rare model. It's a two door with two vertical rear doors, not a fold down tail gate and wood protecting all the floor behind the front seat.

The last time I saw it was over 50 years ago in December, 1970. We were snowmobiling and found it with chains on all four wheels, stuck in the snow and abandoned on the Sanford pasture road on the south side of the ridge. That's about two miles by crow and five miles on a pretty steep rough road. It was a very nice rig with a winch and a Warn overdrive. The next time I saw it I was up there in my jeep the next spring just after the snow had melted. It had been completely striped. The only thing left was the body, frame, and steering column.

Does anyone know any more about the history of this rig? How did it get where it is now?



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Nov 26, 2007
Dayton, WA
Thanks for all the history and pictures you have shared over the years. You must have jeeped and rode Elans with Al Matson back in the day.
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