Insight on Lodging and Covid


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Jan 24, 2009
Calgary, Alberta
Every year for a number of years now some friends of mine spend a week playing in Blue River, Valemont and McBride. A few of them get together taking over one of Whisper Creek lodge's for the entire week.
They're all from different corners of Alberta and BC and ride with one another through out the season and get together for this occasion.
Last season they reserved as usual for this year but now Covid.
Their cancellation date is coming up soon if they don't want to lose their deposit.
My question is, there will be 4 trucks parked and 8 individuals staying in the same lodge (house), has there been any issues with law enforcement or district regulations concerning this in Valemont, where they are staying?
Has anyone gotten a ticket or been fined for a similar situation?

Please, I would like honest replies only. I want your personal opinions of politics and "hear say" on this situation (Covid) kept out of the thread.
If they need to cancel this season's trip for next, so be it. They don't want to be fined or cause an issue with regulations.
Thank you.
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Dec 6, 2007
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I would find it disturbing to be in a community where officials may want to count cars in the driveway... that alone would send me somewhere else.
Here in Island Park/West Yellowstone it's business as usual, local jurisdictions just aren't gonna let their economies collapse


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Nov 27, 2007
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Canadian rules are different... I would see if I could find a telephone number for the local Chamber of Conference in the area you are traveling to as they will have infomation.. good luck...


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Nov 26, 2007
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I don't know the local regulations, but for personal comfort, my group is all getting a covid test a few days prior to our trip and staying together. I know it's not perfect and a guy could potentially get it stopping at a gas station on the drive out, but it's better than nothing. Most importantly, I get the go ahead for the trip from my ICU nurse wife!


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Nov 26, 2007
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So being from small town interior BC, and views of what covid is/isn't/whatever aside....

A trip like this is in brazen violation of nearly all rules and recommendations of the current BC provincial health order. Don't have to take my word for it, can read here: BC PHO

So if you get "caught," you would get a fine, as there's really no confusion or argument to be had. Generally speaking, small town BC has done pretty good with Covid, and the low #'s show that. So there haven't been a ton of fines, because there aren't a ton of people pushing the envelope. That said, it's not unheard of either. They have been pounding the anti-mask rally's and all that stuff with big fines (which this obviously isn't), and have heard of some house party's, gatherings, etc. I highly doubt the cops are driving around checking driveways....But a tip from a nosey neighbor would be more likely. Same as any other ticket-able offense really - not a problem unless you get caught. Or bring Covid to town...that would kinda suck too, regardless of one's views.
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