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Marty UT

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Nov 29, 2007
Sandy, UT
:doh: Once again, I miss the obvious answer, staring me straight in the face! :lol:

Bummer either way! :( I've ridden that area. Definitely some steep chit up there!

R.I.P. fellow sledder! :face-icon-small-sad
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Nov 27, 2007
Missoula, Montana
A good number of snowmobilers here in the Missoula MT area have gone to the great hillclimb in the sky. FORUM members...........are you kidding! They owned every snomobile magazine and waited for some kid to invent the internet, meanwhile they humped out there every day making sledding better for everyone.

In my back yard the BLACKFOOT RIVER VALLEY, the all time rock solid guy was CLIFF RUBLE and his wife JOYCE.
In the 80's and 90's they snowmobiled THE GOLD CREEK DRAINAGE 3 nites a week and every Sat and Sunday. OH, they didn't just snowmobile, they cleared trails, they built trails, they marked trails, they shoveled safe passages across hillsides when nobody had sidehill cutting clippers, CLIFF had a big aluminum scoop shovel saw and all emergency gear at all times.......and a big friendly smile, in the summer Cliff patrolled the area and picked up campsites and keger litter, fixed signs the guns & amo guys used as a whipping post while littering the area with beer cans, knew the size of Rack on the biggest bulls, reported fires, grinned as the floaters flashed him while they glided by his riverside home, towed out the pilgrims and set them straight, all with a big grin. He personally lobbied the LOGGING COMPANIES AND loggers to plow out parking areas for sledders, take down stupid dangerous gates, took phone calls about snow conditions from all over the country if he wasn't out there himself.

Big shoes that can't be filled. We promised to try, brings a tear to my eye. Lets say it was. CLIFFnJOYCEPOLARIS on the big forum in the sky.
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