If you already gave charitably this month, please consider her (and her family) next month.


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Mar 5, 2011
Evening fellow Slednx! Hopefully everyone is having a good season, and ready to enjoy the 30-50 inches blanketing the west this weekend. I'm stuck at home for a bit yet


This is a childhood friend of mine. Went to the same church, same school bus, same grade. 33 years old with a husband and three toddlers. Recently diagnosed with cancer. One of the nicest persons I have ever met.

Getting the news this week has really shook me up, and I've decided I'm going to leverage every community/forum/chatroom I belong to in an effort to help them.

I've been through this journey before when my dad (52 years old) was diagnosed with brain cancer in late 2009 (I was 21 at the time). The pain at times can be unbearable, both physically and emotionally for anyone involved or close to the situation.

While I'm ultimately thankful for all I've learned, it was a long row to hoe!

This is the first time I've ever publicly asked for anything, and would appreciate any help I can get. It says on the page that they reached their goal of 10k, but I know from personal experience that it won't last long when her husband has to take time off work to take care of the kids.

So if you're of a mind to, just skip purchasing that 12hp Monster sticker and donate above. Make me proud fellow sledders!

Christopher if I posted in the wrong spot feel free to move it, thx!

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