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Idaho State Snowmobile Association raffle to fund the land use defense fund


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Dec 27, 2012
se idaho
ISSA had a raffle for a 2022 polaris axys 850 165x3". Sled was an anon donation by a SW Idaho couple. 500 $100 tickets were offred for sale, not sure how many were sold (I bought 5). Proceeds to be used to purchase another sled to raffle every year here after, and the balance to go to the ISSA legal defense fund. Drawing was 12/15/21. A fellow in N Idaho won the sled. there were 4 other prizes.... sled wrap, Rocky Mountain Sign McCall. $600 gift card, $300 gift card, $100 gift card all from Carls Cycle Sales Boise.
If you are interested in next years raffle, Join the ISSA ($20) and you will be notified when next years tickets are for sale.
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