Husky FE 501s??


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Mar 5, 2011
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Is the Husky FE 501s a good snowbike foundation?

Looking at getting a new bike. I was set on another 300, but the street legal 500s are really appealing to me now.
I have my eyes on a 2020 HSQ FE501s.

I am wondering how choked down they are compared to the non-s?
what is needed to make the s nearly identical to the non?

I know all the extra bits can be removed and the signals can be converted to slim, flush mount LEDs, tires changed etc...
I am interested in all the motor stuff.

What about suspension?

Feb 1, 2010
Entiat, WA
You can uncork the engine, and you'd want an aftermarket ECU to get the fuel straightened back out after the uncork. If you go for a PR2, you could have both dirt and snow maps and switch between. The forks will be stupid soft for snow, your best bet if you're going to swap back and forth is 2 sets of legs. I have an FC, (stiffer springs and more damping) and it's barely passable with stock springs and damping running heavy oil.

Since you're interested in a dual sport, you're looking at compromises. The more things you want to do with your bike, the more compromises you'll have to make. Either you can have a bunch of stuff to swap back and forth in the spring and fall, or you can have a less ideal setup in the winter.

I love the close ratio trans on the FC. Yeah, 5th isn't that tall, but lower top speed on the trails on the way to the fun stuff isn't as big of a deal to me as a gappy trans in the trees.
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