Huron Mtns back country

Feb 14, 2015
Ive been running sleds with my Dad and family in the UP on and off for most of my life.. Lately its been in the backcountry, logging roads and powerlines between Ontonagon and Houghton/Hancock (Grandma lives in Ontos), but am out of the game for the season, so being that I'm not able to ride this year I've been looking around on here and Google for good places to ride and ran across people talking a little about the Huron mtns.

I'm wondering if anyone here rides them?
Would my Dad (user name 'meags') and I be better off carrying fuel and food on our sleds?
Is there trails/logging roads that run back in there before you hop off trail?
How open is it to riding there?
Good places to stay near there? I don't wanna drive an hour each way every day we ride there

Thank you for your time and in advance for the feedback
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