How many of you newer riders have gone to a clinic?

Mar 2, 2018
Hubby and I both think it would be useful for me to go to a woman's clinic, just wondering what your experiences with clinics have been? I have been unable to find any in MT so it will be a bit of an expense with travel etc..

I am 44 and this is my second year riding, all of my "learning" has mostly been from my husband and his guy friends and watching youtube videos ( oh and just having to get out of places a few times :face-icon-small-sho) . The men have some good advice but I know they just do not understand what it is like when you do not have a fraction of their strength. I do have a couple lady friends I ride with once in a while but neither is much more advanced then I am, although they are more comfortable as they have ridden much longer.

I get better every ride but REALLY want to be able to sidehill so I do not hold us back from getting to all the good spots. I started getting my sled over last year but damn it, I can never keep it there. For those that have gone to clinics, did you notice a big difference??

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Aug 30, 2013
I go to the Next Level Riding Clinic in Alpine, WY. They have two ladies clinics a year and man do we have fun and learn a ton. Dan and his Crew break every move down into little pieces and then you get to put it all together. I always tease, They saved our marriage! I am 8 years older than my hubby and he is a great mountain rider. I don't want to be left at home, I have so much more confidence and fun after taking the clinic. I feel Safer too. Which was always a sticking point for me. They have a clinic Feb 13th and 14th and have a couple spots left. You should join us! I can side hill now, Downhill Track, plus I have learned a ton about avalanche safety.
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