Hot Water Heater advice needed

Nov 26, 2007
So, I bought a house approx. 6 months ago and finally decided it was time to drain the hot water heater. It is a Richmond unit that obviously is not original to the house. I drain it and did not see very much sediment come out of the drain hose and turned the water valve on to refill it. Now, when I turn a sink on anywhere in the house, I rusty colored water. Will this eventually run out? Or how should I go about getting rid of it without having to buy a new water heater? Thanks for your help


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Nov 26, 2007
Just run the water for awhile, the rusty color will go away. You shouldn't have to replace the heater for just that. How old is the heater? Sometimes when you drain a water heater and it hasn't been done for awhile it will develop a leak in the area where the sediment was. Keep an eye on it for awhile.


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Mar 14, 2007
Iron pipe in the house?

My tub does that the first sec or two I turn it on. Ther'es a section of iron pipe between the tub and the main line.
Jan 13, 2020
I was wanting to get a few hints on draining the water heater just because. We purchased the house 2 years back and introduced another water heater in January. My comprehension from google look is that we have to drain the water heater (55 lady electric) two times every year. I am preparing to do it now with the goal that we'll be on a spring/fall cycle.

I was wanting to get tips with the goal that I do this right. I think the means are 1. turn off breakers to wh 2. connect hose to wh nozzle and channel

I feel like there ought to be more advances. Shouldn't something be said about the principle water line - won't the wh simply top off as I attempt to drain it? The handyman that introduced it said I should open every one of the taps in the house when I do this. Is that extremely essential?
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