Hood fit


Dec 22, 2007
My experience with replacing the hood.

Another set of hands help to make sure the side panels up top do not get hung up.

I lay on my side down by front bumper so I can see where the hood and intake meet.

I tip the hood forward so the bottom of the intake horn goes in first, then just roll it in and lastly a good shove back to make sure it's fully seated.

There should be no gaps at the bottom and that T30 locks up tight. Those are my 2 indicators that the hood is on correctly.

Those quick connect pins will go in with an incorrectly installed hood. The T30 will kinda sorta seem that it is tightening but will not lock up and you will have gaps.

Laying down and watching the hood and intake meet gave me a good idea of how things are supposed to be when it is on correctly.

Hope this helps.


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Sep 6, 2015
Here is the place where it leaks...

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Sep 2, 2013
So I have a Skinz front bumper. Installed V Force reeds, and I cant get the tabs on the hood inside the lower intake plenum. The hood hits the bumper before it allows the top tab on the hood to get low enough to fit into the plenum. The plenum does look like it might be sticking out further than it should, but not much. Not sure if I didn’t install the reeds correctly (everything appears to be sealed and installed as it should be) and it’s causing the plenum to stick out further than it should, or if the bumper prevents the hood from coming down far enough to insert correctly. Any advice? I can post pictures tomorrow, if that helps.
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