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hmk proboa focus


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Dec 25, 2007
like the support but maby its just me sweating but my feet are always soaked?
mine were too when I first bought my boots...i tried several different socks and found pretty good results with thick smart wool socks....I also wear a gortex sock over the outside of the smart wool to stop any snow/ice melt from coming in the boot as well...not perfect but much better....


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Dec 16, 2007
ranchester, wy - nashua, mn

Good call on the smart wool. Feet were dry and warm all day but that is until the cable guide broke! I guess there's no way to fix it? I'm going to try and pit a rivet in it. But sucks hmk has no warranty on this problem. He said he'd give me a good deal on another set but man I don't have the cash.

CCGR Guide

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So I am a snowmobile guide in the mountains of Wyoming and I understand that I probably ride a bit more than most but, I have a big problem with HMK's service on these boots. I bought mine last fall (2011) right before the season at one of the shows. Don't get me wrong they are awesome boots they just don't last. Mine lasted until mid February (2012) and I already had a hole in the toe of my left boot. That's about 2 months of riding. I made them work until the end of the season because I couldn't afford to go bootless or buy a new pair while I was waiting for something to be done by HMK. April rolls around I tell them my problem and they tell me that at my own expense I can ship them back and they will "rubber cement" them back together. Do you really think if the rubber on the boots didn't hold up your rubber cement is going to?

You would think for the price you pay for the boots ($350+) they would at least last one season right? And if they didn't they would replace them at no cost especially, not saying I'm special, for someone who is around other snowmobilers constantly.

I'm constantly answering questions from our guests about my gear, sleds, aftermarket stuff, ect. because I'm around it all the time and using the gear a lot. People want to know what's good and what's not and I will surely tell them NOT TO BUY THESE BOOTS!

- Thanks HMK for all of your help
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